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Piano on Dim Stage


THREE cash prizes of 600 USD total! 

The Glory International Piano Competition Online is open for pianists and piano duos of all music disciplines and all ages. 


The competition will be held in 10 different age categories for piano solo, and two age categories for piano duo (two pianos and/or four hands):
Piano solo categories:
I category – Ages 7 and under
II category – Ages 8 to 10
III category – Ages 11 to 13
IV category – Ages 14 to 16
V category – Ages 17 to 19
VI category – Ages 20 to 22
VII category – Ages 23 to 25
VIII category – Ages 26 to 28
IX category – Ages 29 to 31
X category – Ages 32 and above

Piano Duo Categories:
Piano Duo Junior – Ages 17 and under
Piano Duo Senior – Ages 18 and above
Assignment to a category is determined by the average age of the participants in the duo.


Participants can choose their repertoire freely. The recording of a movement/s of a sonata/suite is allowed.
Solo participants are required to play their program from memory, piano Duo participants can play from sheet music.
The repertoire should consist of one or more pieces that have to fulfill the time frame, depending on the age category:
I – III: Max 6 minutes
IV – VI: Max 11 minutes
VII – X: Max 16 minutes
Piano duo Junior: Max 12 minutes
Piano duo Senior: Max 20 minutes
Participants are required to submit their application, and video links of their performance on YouTube, Bilibili, or other public platforms.
Recordings should date from 30th June 2023 (not older than 1 year)



There will be first prize, second prize, and third prize selected from each category. 
The top three first prize winners will receive each 200 USD in cash, and a “Grand Prix” certificate, their video recordings will be featured on the competition website and social media site. 
Every participant who took part in the competition will receive a printable diploma by email. 
Juries reserve the right to not award any of the prizes, or offer to share a prize between multiple contestants. 
Decisions of juries are final.

The application fee is 90 USD. Contestants need to fill in the Application form
The application of minor musicians needs to be filled by their parents or legal guardianship.
Incomplete applications including failure to pay fees will result in disqualification.
Application deadline:
March 31 (1st Edition), June 30 (2nd Edition), September 30 (3rd Edition), and December 24 (4th Edition) of the year.
The results will be published on the 15th of the following month after the deadline.

By participating in the competition, participants agree to the possible publication and popularization of the submitted recordings and photos for promotional purposes. The competition organizers reserve the right to edit and crop participants’ photos for publication (as promotion) on the Internet.

By applying for the competition, the participant accepts the aforementioned rules.

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